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BIOCAD designs and implements custom made cranioplasty prostheses, for the reconstruction of extended cranial defects.Thanks to the exclusive software and technologies,BIOCAD provides a valuable support to the Neurosurgeon, and guarantees to the patient the perfect reconstruction of the lost bone profile.

BENEFITS for the Patient:

- Biocompatibility
- Reduced infective potential
- Reduced risks of inflammatory process due to exothermic reaction
- Great mechanical protection of the cerebral structures
- Perfect and symmetric reconstruction of the external and internal cranial profile,with positive psychological consequences
- Actions of brain-derived neurotrophic factor with the possibility to restore or improve some of the lost motor function- Attenuation or less possibility to develop the “skull down syndrome”

BENEFITS for the Neurosurgeon

- Realization of the models in 24/ 48 hours
- Rapid delivery – usually 10 days – emergency 6/ 7 days- Inexpensive
- Reduced operating time
- Possibility of touch up the prosthesis during the implantation
- Opportunity to drill the prosthesis for fixing,where most appropriate
- Positioning with screws and plates or not absorbable or titanium suture
- No exothermic reaction
- Reduced infective potential
- Delivery of two identical copies


The Applications include head injury due to:
- Post-traumatic craniectomy
- Decompressive craniectomy for o edema, tumors infections or vascular lesion

-Infections or bone abscess


The procedure for the realizationof a custom-made Cranioplastic Prosthesis includes the following steps:

- acquisition of the CT scan,according to the precise “Biocad” protocol- sending the CT scan to our Laboratories,also by our website

- check by the Neurosurgeon of the models (24/ 48 hous)
- realization and sterilization of the prosthesis
- sending to the Neurosurgery Medical Centre
- implantation of the prosthesis