BIOCAD custom-made prostheses are designed, developed, produced and packaged to guarantee maximum safety, according to the specific characteristics of each patient and compatibly with the current technological development.

The technique used consists, initially, in the acquisition of the three-dimensional CT images of the patient according to a precise protocol, in order to guarantee the accurate reconstruction of the structures of interest. The acquisition of images follows the virtual design of the prosthesis, carried out in full symmetry of the parts and with extreme precision (thanks to native software).

Then, through the use of specific machines and procedures, the real model is created from which the BIOCAD implantable prosthesis is obtained.

To further guarantee the elaboration, bio-mechanical simulation tests are carried out for the structural verification of the device.

Thanks to the acquired bioengineering techniques, every BIOCAD custom prosthesis is technically designed and manufactured in compliance with this specific manufacturing protocol, in order to offer a valid support to the neurosurgeon and an excellent aesthetic and functional result for the patient.