Each device is made with the use of material that has characteristics of absolute suitability, guaranteed by the CE marking, and chosen on the basis of compliance with specific technical standards.

This material is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or bone cement. PMMA is a solid-state resin material, successfully used for years to correct cranial and maxillofacial defects.

PMMA has been used in Neurosurgery for decades and is therefore well known by all neurosurgeons and offers numerous advantages:

  • • Material widely used in medicine with extensive clinical experience
  • • High biocompatibility
  • • Low infectious potential
  • • Reduction of the risk of inflammatory reactions thanks to the polymerization of bone cement before surgery without the patient suffering from an exothermic reaction
  • • the great mechanical resistance of PMMA to impacts and / or bruises
  • • its mechanical strength is even higher than human bone;
  • • the possibility of retouching the prosthesis at the time of implantation;
  • • the possibility of being able to decide during the operation where to make the holes for fixation in the most suitable points;
  • • fixation of the prosthesis can be carried out with screws and plates or non-absorbable suture thread or titanium thread;
  • • possibility to add Gentamicin
  • • excellent price/performance